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Photos: Take a look at USF’s student leaders’ swearing in ceremony

A new era of Student Government (SG)  just arrived.

In a quick five-minute ceremony, student body president-elect Suryakanth Prasad Gottipati and vice president-elect Sumit Subhash Jadhav were sworn in on Wednesday afternoon.

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Their term will start on May 6 and last for one year.

Gabrielle Fuchslocher, Supreme Court chief justice, and Vincent Milianta, senior justice, administered the oath for Gottipati and Jadhav, respectively. The ceremony was held in the SG Senate Chambers in the Marshall Student Center.

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In their oaths, both leaders swore to uphold their respective offices and the SG constitution as well as to represent the student body to the best of their knowledge.

The roughly 30-person crowd cheered and banged on tables to celebrate after the pair completed their swearing in.

Gottipati and Jadhav – who are both international students from India – chose to be sworn in with the “Baghavad Gita: As it is,” a Hindu holy book. 

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– Camila Gomez, managing editor

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