SG Supreme Court dismisses campaign violation accusations from losing presidential ticket

Following the ERC v. Palyam and Pham ticket trial Monday, the Student Government (SG) Supreme Court released its Majority Court opinion, unanimously ruling that President-elect Nithin Palyam and Vice President-elect Amy Pham didn’t violate campaign statutes. After losing the election by 649 votes, presidential ticket Tony Tran and Rughved Brahman […]

SG Senate allocates just shy of $28 million in A&S fees across campuses for 2022-23 fiscal year

The Campus Allocation Funding Committee (CAFC) predicted a tighter Activity and Service (A&S) budget for the 2022-23 fiscal year, but only the Tampa campus will see an overall decrease in allocation, per the bill. A&S Fee Recommendation Committee Chair and Student Body Vice President Jillian Wilson presented the budget bill […]

Roberson, Brooks look back at term, hope efforts resonated with student body

Prior to their ascension as the first Black gubernatorial administration of the Tampa campus, seniors Alexis Roberson and Kiara Brooks established their vision to “FIGHT” for diversity and inclusion throughout the university long before taking office. Following the 2020 murder of George Floyd, Roberson and Brooks collaborated in meetings between […]

Candidates highlight universitywide campaign initiatives at presidential debate

In front of a hybrid audience, the student body presidential and vice presidential candidates elaborated on their plans to better the student experience and connection across campuses at Thursday’s Student Government (SG) debate. The two tickets — Deputy Chief Financial Officer Nithin Palyam with Relations Committee Chair Amy Pham, and […]