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OPINION: USF students, your favorite meal could be off campus

It’s time to ditch campus food and try the best eateries that are located near USF. ORACLE PHOTO/ LIA MARSEE

While campus has a lot of food places to offer, these options can become repetitive. 

For me, my choices have been narrowed down to the Marshall Student Center restaurants or the Cooper Hall Subway. I knew it was time to venture off campus for lunch when the lady at Subway remembered my name and order by heart. 

Unless you’re rolling in dining dollars, it may be time to spice up your food palette and try the off-campus eateries. 

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As a foodie myself, I find the best places that are around campus are the ones that offer a variety of study areas, fun drinks and delicious food. 

Here’s some of my favorite places to eat around campus. 

Quickly Boba Cafe

If you need some alone time or are looking for a fun hangout spot with your friends, then look no further than Quickly Boba Cafe. 

Their selection of food items consists of a mix of boba and a variety of Vietnamese food and dessert options. They have a collection of rice bowls with your choice of protein and two add-in vegetables as well as appetizers and desserts such as a Mochi Waffle. 

For boba, prices begin at $5 while bowls typically range from $10-$15.

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What’s special about this location is they offer a variety of card and board games to play with others or by yourself. 

My best recommendation when you plan to dine here is the Popcorn Chicken Bowl and an Oolong Milk Tea.

Quickly Boba Cafe is located at 5731 E Fowler Ave, Temple Terrace, FL 33617.


Raining Berries located at 5661 E. Fowler Ave. ORACLE PHOTO/ LIA MARSEE

Raining Berries

In the same plaza as Quickly Boba Cafe, you’ll find Raining Berries. 

This place is perfect if you’re on a healthy kick, craving fruit or need a place to study with friends. 

You will find a delicious selection of coffee, smoothie bowls and handheld items such as sandwiches and even my favorite avocado toast.

Their coffees start at $5 while their bowls and sandwiches range from $10-$15.

Raining Berries also offers a large study room equipped with a TV and WiFi to help you and your friends achieve your ultimate academic grind.

Other than my avocado toast, when I come here I get the Paradise Bowl with the matcha base and an iced caramel latte.


Felicitous located at 11706 N 51st St. ORACLE PHOTO/LIA MARSEE


By far the closest to campus, with just a four minute drive is Felicitous. 

Once inside, you will feel as though you are in a small town on vacation. Their menu consists of a variety of drinks and pressed sandwiches with very unique names. 

Their most quirky drink is “Merlin’s Elixir,” which is naturally dyed blue due to the Butterfly pea flower tea that they use.

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Coffees and teas range from $3-$7 while their sandwiches and baked goods range from $4-$7. 

Inside, you can also find a mini boutique and on the second Friday of each month you can find the occasional markets outside.  

Equipped with a large outdoor area, I find this place is especially soothing when there’s a cool breeze. Hot coffee and a good book is what I consider the perfect day.

My go to here is easily the “Chocolate Rose” latte and the “Study Break” sandwich.