Third post-consolidation SG cabinet set despite delays

Addressing student concerns with an open mind is a top priority for the group, according to Student Body President Nithin Palyam. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

Despite experiencing more than a month of delays leading up to their inauguration, Student Body President Nithin Palyam said the third post-consolidated cabinet has been selected and is ready to serve.

During the election in March, Palyam and Student Body Vice President Amy Pham beat out the opposing ticket by 649 votes. However, because Student Government (SG) content had been wrongfully posted on their campaign Instagram account, the pair had spiraled into a series of court proceedings that delayed their inauguration by two months.

After having a rocky start to their term, Palyam said it was important to construct a team that was going to be flexible and patient as students introduced new problems for them to address.

“When me and Amy discussed what we wanted to have in our cabinet members, we talked about having people who are cheerful, open-minded and would be interested in learning about student development and the problems that students have,” he said.

“[They would also need to be] willing to be in a team environment, and help me and Amy to execute all of the initiatives that we wanted to.”

This cabinet also marks the first SG administration to welcome a diversity, equity and inclusion coordinator, which is a position instituted by former Student Body President Julia Cunningham. Gustavo Storck, who will be filling the position, will be expected to construct initiatives for marginalized groups on all three campuses, according to a February Oracle article.

Palyam said that with Storck’s background in being a Chief Marketing Officer for SG, he will do an excellent job in marketing the initiatives that the cabinet curates.

The rest of the cabinet is composed of Chief of Staff Maria del Real Mendoza, Solicitor General Natalie Vlckova, Chief Marketing Officer Juliana Almeida, Attorney General Camila Urbina and Chief Financial Officer Gervez Hamilton.

Outside of having strong resumes that have prepared them for the positions, Palyam said that everyone selected has something to gain from the collaboration their office will require. This was an important aspect, according to Palyam, because it meant that their motivation and focus would not falter.

Additionally, a spoken contract was agreed upon by everyone selected that they wouldn’t fall into the previous slumps prior administrations battled, where they didn’t put the needs of students first, according to Palyam.

Although the term is going to require a lot of hard work and constant collaboration, Palyam said he is confident in the group and wants all students to know they are there to serve them.

“We want every student that runs into a problem with any kind of problem wants to reach out to Student Government, and we will make sure to help them,” he said.