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SG election results announced across all campuses

The Student Government president and vice presidential winners were revealed Friday, along with other positions such as governors and senators. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

Nithin Palyam and Amy Pham now have a platform to put their plans for the student body into action, as it was announced Friday morning that the pair secured a win in the 2022 Student Government (SG) presidential election.

A total of 2,325 votes were cast across all campuses, in which Palyam and Pham received 1,487. Tony Tran and Rughved Brahman received 838 votes from students.

The election results will remain uncertified until all grievances are heard, in which they can then be finalized. As of Friday afternoon, no grievances have been filed.

Palyam and Pham ran their campaign under the acronym H.E.R.D. — health, empowerment, resources and development.

Included in each division of the acronym are goals such as protecting the well-being of students, advocating for international students and addressing transportation and parking issues.

Specific initiatives the ticket hopes to accomplish during their term encompass establishing a Feed-A-Bull program on the Sarasota-Manatee campus, organizing workshops to aid international students and implementing cross-campus transportation.

Aside from the presidential tickets, students also voted for new sets of governors and lieutenant governors across all campuses.

Running as the only candidates for the Tampa campus, Joseph Cipriano and Gabrielle Henry were elected as governor and lieutenant governor. Evelyn De Oliveira and Madison Sosa were elected to represent the Sarasota-Manatee campus as governor and lieutenant governor.

Two of the three tickets running for governor and lieutenant governor at the St. Pete campus will enter a run-off election. The tickets participating are Nathan Poinsette with Kaiya Huggins and Sean Schrader with Joshua Rampertab. Poinsette and Huggins had the most votes in the general election, but didn’t receive a 51% majority.

While details have not been confirmed, SG Advising Office Director Gary Manka said voting will most likely begin at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday and end 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, with results announced Thursday. Voting will only take place at St. Pete since it is a local level ticket.

Students voted on proposed constitutional amendments as well. All amendments were passed, including Constitutional Amendment XII, Article III, Section II, which includes condensing the number of Senate seats from 60 to 40.

In total, 39 students were elected to the Senate out of its new capacity. The Tampa and St. Pete campuses filled all of their seats with 31 and five, respectively. However, the Sarasota-Manatee campus only filled three of its allotted four seats.

Other amendments passed include Constitutional Amendment XIV, Article III, Section IX, which vests power in The Legislative Branch to “approve and allocate all Activity and Service (A&S) fee appropriations by a majority vote.”