USF student hospitalized during hunger strike

Strikers organized a three-day sit-in beginning on Tuesday at the Patel Center in order to “escalate pressure” so administration divests from companies. ORACLE PHOTO/JUSTIN SEECHARAN

A hunger striker, who wishes to remain anonymous, was hospitalized Wednesday night after 10 days of not eating. 

The student was discharged Thursday morning and will continue striking. It has not been confirmed what symptoms they were experiencing before they were hospitalized. 

The group will starve themselves until USF divests from companies that “fund genocide” in Palestine. Five of the original 17 hunger strikers remain and 12 have joined in solidarity.

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The students also announced they are “escalating at the Patel Center” by approaching administration as they walk into the building demanding divestment, according to their Instagram.

An Instagram post showed a protester approaching Cesar Esmeraldi, Student Government president, as he walked into the Patel Center around 10:30 a.m. 

“…Students are hunger striking right now and one was hospitalized just yesterday after not eating for 11 days. You should talk to your higher ups and ask them to stop…” an unidentified protester said on the organization’s Instagram story.

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The Undergraduate American Medical Women’s Association, Sisters United Muslim Association and Student for Justice in Palestine have expressed their solidarity with the hunger striker’s movement on social media.

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