PHOTOS: Goals shared by USF Student Government presidential candidates at event

Bulls were able to meet this year’s Student Government (SG) candidates at the Marshall Student Center (MSC) amphitheater on Wednesday afternoon.

Around 140 students showed up to shake candidates’ hands, discuss platforms and get to know the SG leader prospects from 12-1:30 p.m.

The amphitheater was filled with six tables surrounded by candidates and games for student voters. The candidates engaged with the students and introduced their initiatives.

Students could pick up a stamp card during the event. If they spoke to five candidates and received a stamp, they could receive a plate of food, including chicken, rice and corn. 

Students could also play games with candidates, including Twister, Connect Four and Jenga. 

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Avila-Bueso ticket

Presidential candidate Connor Avila, a junior business management major, is running alongside vice presidential prospect Tianyi Li Bueso. 

Bueso is a junior statistics and quantitative economics and econometrics major.

They are campaigning on “action oriented change,” including a hygiene initiative, parking relief and an on-campus escape room.

McCann-Rodriguez ticket

Sophomore psychology major Jordan Franklyn McCann and Kaitlyn Rodriguez, a sophomore health sciences and cyber security major, are running for president and vice president, respectively. 

Their platform focuses on accountability, budget management and communication, or  ABC. 

Gottipati-Jadhav ticket

Presidential prospect Suryakanth Prasad Gottipati, a junior computer sciences major, and vice presidential candidate Sumit Subhash Jadhav, a senior computer sciences major are running on VOICE. The acronym stands for vision, OneUSF, inclusivity, collaboration and empowerment.

Matos-Pack ticket

Sophomore political science major Alexa Matos is running for president alongside sophomore computer sciences Rithvik Lee Pack. They are campaigning on reach, inclusivity, sustainability and engagement, or RISE.