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USF ends agreement with company leading construction of on-campus stadium

The design-build agreement was previously held with Barton Marlow and was signed on April 25. USF ATHLETICS PHOTO

USF has terminated the design-build agreement for the $340 million on-campus stadium project, according to an official statement issued by USF on Friday. 

The university previously reached a $14.8 million design-build agreement with Tampa-based construction company Barton Marlow on April 25.

The statement issued by USF said “the university has informed Barton Marlow of its intent to begin the process of selecting a construction manager under the new project delivery model.” 

The reason for the termination is due to a change from a “design/build project delivery model to a construction management model,” the statement read.

A document surfaced on X on Friday revealed that USF’s deputy chief financial officer Jennifer Condon has placed a request for new on-campus stadium design services. 

The document states that “the design-build contract has been terminated to publicly source a replacement construction management firm.” 

USF can terminate the contract without financial penalty if a final cost is not agreed upon. 

Populous – one of the two companies USF invited to negotiate the design-phase – has been named as the requested new construction firm to undertake the rest of the design and construction phase, according to the document. 

“It is in the university’s best interest to maintain the Populius relationship for timing, continuous work product and knowledge purposes,” the document read.

The Florida Board of Governors approved USF’s plan for a new stadium on Sept. 8.

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Construction has not yet begun on the stadium. It is scheduled for completion by fall 2026. 

The university said that a full update will be provided at Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting. The meeting will be held in Traditions Hall at the Gibbons Alumni Center at 9:30 a.m.