SG’s Computer Services introduces updated technology

Some of the new features in the lab include new computers, printers and charging stations. ORACLE PHOTO/CAMILA GOMEZ

Student Government Computer Services (SGCS) will introduce updated equipment at a “reinauguration” event on Tuesday after the lab went through renovations funded by USF’s Information Technology Management Council (ITMC).

A total of 45 new computers were added to the lab, each with new CPUs, mouses and keyboards, SGCS Director Varennyam Joshi said. 

There are also 20 new charging cables, 15 new wireless fast chargers, four new printers and one new poster cutter. All lighting inside the lab was also replaced.

The “reinauguration” will take place Tuesday at 5 p.m. at the Marshall Student Center room 1308 and will have food and drinks, Joshi said.

Although renovations began on Aug. 11, Joshi said they were able to be completed while the lab remained open to students.

SGCS continues to offer free services to students besides the computers, such as $3 worth of free print money per day as well as laminating, faxing, whiteboards, poster printing, cutting and phone charging stations. 

SGCS also provides free supplies such as laminating sheets, pens, colored paper, file folders and envelopes.

The last time the computers in the lab were updated was in 2016. They have been running slower because of the high number of students using them over the past seven years. 

Software updates on older computers also caused them to slow over time, since Joshi said they required more resources than the computers could provide.

The first problem students faced when logging into the computers in the lab was that the sign in screen was taking about five to 10 minutes just to appear on-screen.

SGCS conducted surveys to gather student feedback on the computers. The main complaint from students was that the computers were running too slow, so SG decided it was time to upgrade them.

ITMC funded the renovations using the $5.25 tech fees that are a part of each student’s tuition. The council is responsible for allocating the fees when necessary.  

Tampa Governor and Lt. Governor Gustavo Storck and Maria Mendoza arranged for the replacement of the computers to be included in the agenda of the Tech Fee committee. Student Body President Cesar Esmeraldi then presented the project to ITMC and secured the funds. 

ITMC allocated around $53,000 to help with the renovations.

Joshi said SGCS’ next step is to throw events in the future that utilize the new technology, such as tech education classes and co-hosting events with student organizations

With the updates complete, Esmeraldi said students seem happier and more satisfied with the technology, which makes the environment more welcoming.

“I think the renovations will give opportunities to students. If they want to go down there and work on homework or even go with their friends, it’s a great space,” Esmeraldi said. “Being in the MSC, I think it is the perfect location.”