Sarasota-Manatee campus housing rates to be most expensive across all campuses

building of sarasota-manatee dorms, bare concrete. ARI RENICK
It is unclear if the Sarasota-Manatee housing rates will be included in the five-year plan for an annual 4.5% housing rate increase like the Tampa and St. Pete campuses. ORACLE PHOTO/ARIANNA RENICK

Student housing rates for the new Sarasota-Manatee residence hall will be the most expensive of all on-campus housing costs across USF’s three campuses. 

Rates for the dorm will be as follows, according to Edwin Beauchamp, Regional Vice Chancellor for Business and Financial Affairs:

  • Suite (Double): $1,297 monthly
  • Two bedroom, one bathroom apartment (single): $1,648 monthly
  • Four bedroom, two bathroom apartment (single): $1,505 monthly

The Tampa campus housing rates range from a low of $767.50 monthly for a traditional style double at Beta and Castor Hall to a high of $1,532.50 monthly for the suite style singles in The Village. 

St. Pete campus has the lowest rate with $730.50 monthly for a three-person triple room in Ibis Hall or a shared bedroom in the Pelican apartments. The highest monthly cost on the campus is $1,126.75, which will get students a four-person apartment style in Pelican apartments or a three-person or four-person single suite in the Osprey suites. 

The suite double rate for the Sarasota-Manatee campus will be approximately $56 more per month than the fall 2024 rate for the same room type – which are seven years older – on the Tampa campus, according to Beauchamp. 

The apartment-style beds are approximately $300 more than similar bed and apartment types on the Tampa campus – which were built over 20 years ago, he said. 

When making the decision for housing costs, Beauchamp said the university takes into account things like the debt requirements of the new construction, operational costs, market analysis for the area, demand and cost of attendance.

Beauchamp said housing is also expecting high demand for the apartment-style beds due to the limited availability. 

The upcoming residence hall is expected to house 200 residents. Though the project will be completed by May 2024, students will not move in until fall 2024. 

It has not been decided if the Sarasota-Manatee housing rates will have the same five-year annual 4.5% increase as the Tampa campus and St. Pete campus, according to Beauchamp.