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USF to continue starting quarterback search after spring ball

South Florida pass game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Joel Gordon said the starting quarterback position is still up for grabs. ORACLE PHOTO/DIEGO ADESSO

USF quarterbacks coach Joel Gordon said in a Thursday press conference the search for a starter is an ongoing process of evaluation.

It’s one that will take longer than spring practices.

Junior quarterback Gerry Bohanon, freshman quarterback Byrum Brown and redshirt freshman Bryce Archie have all had their names float around in conversations regarding that starting position.

With fans patiently waiting for the announcement of the starting quarterback for the upcoming season, Gordon said it is a day-to-day process and the decision process will still continue through the summer and into the fall.

“It’s going to be a competitive environment from here on out and they’ve been doing awesome as far as competing and making each other better. We are going to have to go through the summer in the exact same way,” Gordon said.

Bohanon transferred to USF in 2022 and started the first seven games. His season was cut short when he faced a shoulder injury against Tulane that required him to receive surgery.

Sophomore Katravis Marsh took over the position in Bohanon’s place, but his season ended due to a neck injury two games later. Brown inherited the starting role to close out the season against Tulsa and UCF. He became the first FBS player to go 21 for 21 passes in one game.

Both Bohanon and Brown are returning players from last season, but Archie is a new transfer from Coastal Carolina. He most recently played in the Birmingham Bowl when he stepped in after Chanticleers redshirt senior quarterbacks Grayson McCall and Jarrett Guest were injured.

Gordon said he remembers Archie’s high school film from when he was passing game coordinator at Iowa state. He said the freshman had many opportunities to run the ball and have explosive plays with his arm.

“The offense that he ran in high school is similar to the one that we run right here. So I think there was a fit there. Probably at the bare bones of what our offense is, somewhere in there is what he was really comfortable with in high school,” Gordon said.

Although Bohanon is currently rehabbing, the veteran quarterback has been practicing reps without throwing the ball. Gordon said he has stepped up as a resource to his younger teammates and called him a “selfless leader.”

“What makes him so awesome for our room, for me and our young guys, is that he’s willing to use the experiences that he’s had and help these guys.”

If Bohanon is not ready to play by fall, Brown could be a likely candidate for the starting position based on his impressive performance last season.

When asked about the freshman quarterback, Gordon said Brown’s composure and decision making in the pocket shined.

“He doesn’t freak out when things fall apart around him,” Gordon said. “He finds a way to make good decision, after good decision, after good decision, and what that turns into is he takes really good care of the football.”

The quarterback room could benefit from the contest. Archie said he has made friendships with Brown and his other teammates.

“The competition comes but you’re also seeing another person you want to get better and succeed at the same time,” Archie said. “It’s a competition, but it’s also a brotherhood.”