Golesh’s salary similar to Scott’s

A list of bonuses are included in Golesh’s contract, such as $10,000 if the Bulls win eight regular season games. ORACLE PHOTO/ALEXANDRA URBAN

Coach Alex Golesh will receive $2.5 million for each of the first three years of his six-year contract, according to his contract.

Golesh’s pay includes a $500,000 base salary and $2 million in supplemental pay, which includes media appearances, promotional activities and fundraising events. Beginning in 2026 until the end of his contract in 2028, Golesh’s supplemental pay will increase to $2.1 million.

Former coach Jeff Scott received $2.4 million for the 2022 season, including a $500,000 base salary and $1.9 million in supplemental pay. Scott’s supplemental pay would have increased to $2 million next year, matching Golesh’s 2023 figure.

Although Golesh and Scott’s individual salaries appear to be similar, Golesh’s staff will initially see $4.5 million, $750,000 more than Scott’s staff would have received in 2023. This number will rise to $4.750 million by 2028.

Golesh’s contract also includes a list of bonuses, including $10,000 if the team wins eight regular season games to $20,000 if 12 regular season games are won. The coach will receive $25,000 for a bowl game appearance and $50,000 if the team wins the game.

USF would owe Golesh 20 weeks of his base salary should it decide to terminate his contract without cause.

Conversely, should Golesh accept a different coaching position next year, he would pay the university $3 million. This number gradually decreases each year until it reaches $500,000 in 2028.

If the Bulls join a Power Five Conference, Golesh’s salary will increase at least $1 million annually, but a final number will be determined following further reviews and negotiations between the coach and the university.

Other additional figures include $35,000 in relocation expenses and an automobile stipend of $800 a month.