Clean water restored in some buildings after potable water line leak

Clean water was restored to both buildings Tuesday, according to Associate Director of Communications Aaron Nichols. ORACLE PHOTO/CLINTON ENGELBERGER

Clean water in the Human Services Architecture and Education buildings was restored Monday after a leak in an underground potable water line caused it to be shut off temporarily, according to Associate Director of Communications Aaron Nichols.

A potable water line delivers water that is safe for human consumption.

Bathrooms were closed off to students and water fountains had been turned off inside the two buildings since the incident occurred Saturday, Nichols said.

Repairs for the water line have caused a portion of the walkway near the Education Building to be closed off, according to Nichols.

Although the issue has been resolved, Nichols said the repairs for the sidewalk won’t be complete until next week depending on concrete availability.

Members of the Maintenance and Utility Services team from Facilities Management initially responded to the situation, but a vendor, which was unknown at the time of publication, was brought in to assist in the completion of the pipe repair work, according to Nichols.

Since it was an emergency repair completed on a time and materials basis, Nichols said the total cost to solve the issue will be calculated at the end of the job due to a contract agreement with the vendor.

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