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Groundwork east of MSC to be completed by June

The space will feature a concrete flooring as opposed to the former rubber material in order to avoid safety hazards. ORACLE PHOTO/ALEXANDRA URBAN

Construction on the fire lane east of the Marshall Student Center (MSC) is moving forward after the initial rubber surface was deteriorating and becoming a safety hazard. 

In January, the rubber was removed so concrete could be put in at a later date. Sod was temporarily placed down for the purpose of erosion control and to fill up the area before work began, according to Associate Director of Communications Aaron Nichols.  

Concrete was initially expected to be laid down over spring break, he said. However, delays caused by funding availability pushed the start date to May 9, with the project now expected to be completed sometime in June.

Nichols said construction costs total $129,700, with concrete being the chosen material since it requires less maintenance over time, has a lower price tag and is durable. 

Closure of the access road behind the MSC will be temporary as the space is being utilized to store construction equipment for the fire lane construction. ORACLE PHOTO/ALEXANDRA URBAN

The sidewalk adjacent to the fire lane will remain open, Nichols said, but the access road behind the MSC is partially shut off to students so work equipment and materials can be stored there by Barr & Barr, the contractor handling construction. 

While the initial rubber material was embedded with the words “USF” and “Bulls” with green and gold colors, Nichols said the concrete will be plain and no design will be featured.