OPINION: USF fraternities practice harmful behavior

Fraternities are not being held to a reasonable standard of behavior, which allows for the continuation of inappropriate activity. ORACLE FILE PHOTO

In recent years, USF fraternities have found themselves in many controversies including discrimination, the objectification of women and drug abuse.

Fraternities should take more action toward following the student code of conduct. 

In the last two months, two USF fraternities have been temporarily suspended, publicly proving the corruption embedded in some on-campus fraternities.

Pi Kappa Phi was placed on an interim suspension Feb. 24 due to underage drinking and antisemitic acts. Also temporarily suspended was Pi Kappa Alpha, which was charged with hazing violations, according to the Director of Communications and Marketing for Student Success Renee Hunt.

Although these fraternities are currently dealing with the repercussions, most issues are swept under the rug or avoided entirely.

Fraternity leaders should be urged to take measurable action, such as organizing educational meetings on matters of hazing, drug abuse and sexual aggression, in order to stop these ongoing toxic behaviors within the community.

Young, impressionable men should not have these habits normalized by their peers. Someday, they will be setting the standards for the next generation, so this harmful cycle needs to end.