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USF coaches, players react to Election Day

A new precedent was set this year — for the first time, college athletes, coaches and staff nationwide have Election Day off to fulfill their civic duty.

Thanks to legislation proposed by the Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee earlier this year, the Division I Council on Sept. 16 approved a motion that all athletic activities will be on pause the first Tuesday after Nov. 1 of every year going forward.

USF athletes and coaches have taken advantage of the time off and are urging others to hit the polls.

Both the women’s basketball and the volleyball teams confirmed 100% of their players showed up to vote.

Men’s basketball coach Brian Gregory and baseball coach Billy Mohl tweeted graphics made by USF Athletics confirming they voted.

Assistant men’s basketball coach Larry Dixon and former guard T.J. Lang tweeted out messages urging people to vote.

“If you haven’t voted yet PLEASE VOTE TODAY!!!” Dixon tweeted.

“Everyone please go out and vote!” Lang’s message said.

Football coach Jeff Scott tweeted a graphic with a message telling people to go vote. He held his weekly press conference on Monday instead of the usual Tuesday due to the pause on athletics.

Scott reiterated the importance of having a day off on Election Day.

“We’ll pause football workouts and no football meetings or workouts tomorrow for Election Day to give our players and staff an opportunity to go vote, which is very important,” Scott said Monday.

The USF Athletics Twitter posted the same message highlighting the importance of voter turnout and included a link to voting information and poll locations.