The Oracle launches COVID-19 dashboard partnership

The Oracle is partnering with computer science majors Adheesh Shenoy and Rafael Flores Souza to provide our readers with direct access to an interactive COVID-19 dashboard.

Readers can access the COVID-19 dashboard by clicking on the COVID-19 menu bar on The Oracle’s website. They will then be redirected to the COVID-19 dashboard displaying multiple interactive graphs to aid in the data’s visualization. 

All data will be updated on a daily basis and are based on USF’s COVID-19 website. Besides displaying the total number of cases reported across campuses, the dashboard will also showcase correlations, patterns and trends of positive cases reported by USF.

The partnership was created in response to USF’s COVID-19 website, consisting of an endless bullet points list of the cases reported on each campus.

USF’s current website is not only hard to read, but it also makes it challenging for readers to keep track of the total number of cases being reported as well as USF’s overall performance in addressing the novel coronavirus.

With the COVID-19 dashboard, the USF community will have access to the latest number of cases reported across campuses as well as future predictions based on previous reports. In that way, the community can better visualize USF’s current COVID-19 scenario as well as analyze future trends.

The Oracle will remain committed to reporting the latest news around COVID-19 and providing its readers with resources and tools to remain informed. We will update our website on a weekly basis to reflect the latest COVID-19 news around USF. 

Stay with The Oracle for more updates.