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Plain White T’s, Bad Suns popular requests for Bullstock

Last year, Bullstock’s lineup consisted of Timeflies, 3OH!3, Lovelytheband and the Battle of the Bands winners Sick Hot and Taverns. ORACLE PHOTO/LEDA ALVIM

From sensational pop stars like Harry Styles to throwback artists like The All-American Rejects, students suggested to the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) who they wanted to see headline Bullstock this year.

The traditionally alternative/pop concert serves as USF’s annual music festival which features music artists, food trucks and carnival rides. The event will be held Friday, April 10 from 6 p.m. to midnight in Lot 35 at the corner of USF Holly Drive and USF Maple Drive.

Based on the survey results, CSI reaches out to the middle agent — who works as a liaison to the actual agencies — who then determines which artists are available to perform at USF.

The artists have already been chosen, however, CSI Student Programs Coordinator Jill Teeter said it will remain a secret for now.

“Although we can’t say who yet, we are very confident that students are going to be excited,” Teeter said.

Teeter said CSI plans on making the announcement anywhere from three to six weeks before the concert.

The survey was sent out at the end of the fall semester in which students were able to choose from a list of genres, the lineup structure and potential artists.

Students voted for artists that were separated into three groups. From group one, the most voted was Bad Suns with 261 votes, group two was Plain White T’s with 466 votes and from group three was The All-American Rejects with 170 votes.

CSI provided a write-in option in which students were not shy in who they were suggesting. 

Some of the names in the list included Megan Thee Stallion, COIN, LANY, AJR, Marshmello, Kendrick Lamar, Boys Like Girls, Yungblud, Harry Styles, Doja Cat, Blink-182 and BTS.

Teeter said if there is a consistent artist that students want to see, CSI will present the names in the “other” section to the middle agent to see if it’s possible.

However, the artist has to be within the price range and be willing to book at colleges.

“We definitely read the suggestions but we can’t get Beyonce, unfortunately,” Teeter joked.

Teeter said the budget is similar to what it was last year, which would make the budget over $170,000.

Out of the 5,752 people who voted in the genre section, the top choices were “pop” with 956 votes and “alternative” with 895. 

Other popular runners-up were hip-hop/rap, indie and pop-punk.

Students were also able to suggest in the “other” section a genre that wasn’t listed. This prompted many students to write in “K-pop” which originated in South Korea and has gained popularity in the U.S. in recent years.

Teeter said the genre suggestion box is always included in case there is a sudden shift in what students want to hear.

“We have the Homecoming Concert which has been predominantly hip-hop/rap and Bullstock which has been alternative/pop and those are the way they are because the majority of the students who take the surveys pick those as the most voted genres,” Teeter said.

Teeter said she can’t reveal how many artists have been chosen, however, students were given the option to pick the structure of the concert. 

Students chose from “one high-level artist and one up and coming artist,” “two mid-level artists and one up and coming artist” or “one high-level artist, one ‘throwback’ artist, and one up and coming artist.”

Over 1,000 people suggested the third option which took the lead.

If CSI decided to follow Bullstock’s structure last year, about $50,000 would pay for the headliner, about $20,000 would pay for the middle artist and about $10,000 or less would pay for the opener. This lineup is an example of what was done last year and does not reflect the current unannounced lineup structure.

Based on feedback from last year, Teeter said the two main suggestions to improve this year’s concert were more art and water bottles.

For the first time, CSI had a plexiglass with the Bullstock logo etched into it that Teeter said students really enjoyed so they plan on doing something similar again.

Also, CSI ordered one shipment of water for the 4,000 students who attended last year so Teeter said they will be ordering two shipments to prevent a shortage.

Specific food trucks have not been decided yet, but there will be six booked from the Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally. Also, a cyclone swing and a Zorb (transparent plastic) ball obstacle course have been booked for the carnival rides and CSI is looking to include at least two more activities.

Teeter said the feedback and suggestions are helpful every year in determining which artists students want to see and how they can adjust to fit the needs of students on campus.

“We’re trying to serve the largest amount of students that we can but we still do the survey in case there is a shift and if that’s the case, then we can know how to tailor to the current population that we have,” Teeter said.