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Scott: Every position is up for grabs

No job is secure right now for the Bulls, including that under center.

Speaking to reporters on National Signing Day on Wednesday, coach Jeff Scott said that there will be a battle for the starting quarterback position — and every position for that matter.

“My overall message to the team is that every spot is up for grabs,” Scott said. “We’ve told everybody that we’re going to allow them to compete.”

The field that will battle for the starting position includes incumbent redshirt sophomore Jordan McCloud, as well as recent signees Katravis Marsh (freshman — Hialeah), Jordan Smith (freshman — Lake City) and Cade Fortin (sophomore — University of North Carolina).

Scott said that “in an ideal world” he’d like to name a starter no later than two weeks before the Bulls’ season opener against Texas on Sept. 5.

The one thing that’s settled in the quarterback room is that sophomore Jah’Quez Evans will not be in it. Evans, who spent time last season both at receiver and quarterback in the wildcat formation, made the decision himself.

“I met with Jah’Quez and he … said that he had a desire to go to receiver. He felt like he could really help us at receiver,” Scott said. “And I supported that. … I’m not a head coach that comes in and tells guys you’re switching positions. I’ve never been that way. If you’ve got to force a guy to play a position, he’s not going to be committed enough to be successful for you.”

Scott also hinted that, due to the fact that everyone is learning a new system anyway, some other players may be thinking about switching positions, though he did not go into further detail as to whom.