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Zimmerman elected BOT chairman

Jordan Zimmerman, above, replaces Brian Lamb, who was appointed to the Florida Board of Governors. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE.  

USF Board of Trustees vice chair Jordan Zimmerman was appointed Monday to replace Brian Lamb as the next BOT chair. Trustee Les Muma was named the new vice chair.

Both appointments were made during a BOT conference call after Lamb accepted an appointment from Gov. Ron DeSantis to join the Florida Board of Governors.

“After giving a fair amount of thought and considering what work needs to be done in the BOT in the upcoming weeks, I will be stepping down not only from the chair role but from the BOT considering the work that needs to be done here,” Lamb said.

DeSantis appointed Lamb to the position March 28 after making an unexpected appearance during a BOG meeting in Tallahassee. According to Lamb, while the decision was well received by everyone present, he was surprised by his appointment.

“I was equally surprised because I did not realize that we would have that conversation that quickly,” Lamb said.

BOT members have the legal authority granted by the BOG to elect both the chair and the vice chair.

The chair will preside in all meetings, call special meetings when necessary and notify the governor when a board member fails to attend three consecutive meetings in any fiscal year. The vice chair will act in the absence or disability of the chair and perform all necessary duties.

Zimmerman’s term expires in 2020 and Muma’s in 2023.

Muma most recently led the search to find and hire President-elect Steven Currall.

“I’ve been incredibly proud to serve USF in the BOT and now I’m honored to serve in the role of chairman,” Zimmerman said. “I will work tirelessly as your board chair and I will continue to drive this university to greatness.”

Lamb has served as chair since 2016 and, according to Zimmerman, played a key role in the success of the university.

“I want to thank you (Lamb) for everything you’ve done for the university, but most importantly your commitment to our students, your passion for our state and the educational system throughout the university and the state university system,” Zimmerman said. “We are all sad to see you go, but we are happy to have you in Tallahassee as a BOG carrying our torch to the capital.”