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Panel of female leaders will discuss the ‘fight for rights,’ women’s issues

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is hosting seven events throughout March for Women’s History Month. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE.

The organization Disaster and Humanitarian Relief Student Collaborative (DAHR-SC) is hosting a discussion panel Wednesday in the Marshall Student Center Room 2708 at 5 p.m. called “International Women’s Day: The Fight for Rights” to help celebrate Women’s History Month.

President of DAHR-SC, Sinjana Kolipaka said the organization is hosting the panel to touch on topics such as intersectionality, prevention and injustice and advocacy.

There will be four speakers at the panel: Cristina Yelvington from the Office of Multicultural Affairs; Danielle Smith from the Center for Victim Advocacy; Dr. Diane Price Herndl from the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies; and Omatayo Jolaosho from the Department of Africana Studies.

“It is important to have awareness events like this to get the idea out there that this is a problem and these are the ways in which you can address it,” Kolipaka said.

The event will have both a panel with all four speakers and a discussion with members of the audience. This will be a similar format to the “Me Too” movement panel that took place last year, also hosted by DAHR-SC.

Around 50-60 people are expected to attend the event, which is in partnership with the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Women’s History Month is typically utilized for focusing on the accomplishments of women and to look at how far their rights have come throughout history.

That the panel will be putting the fight for rights in the context of the historical fight is inspiring to see how far women have come and what they can do in the future, according to Kolipaka.

As president of the organization, Kolipaka hopes people are inspired by the panel “to fight for all rights, not just gender equality, but also social equality.”

The DAHR-SC hosts many panels throughout the year. Its next group will focus on public health and global warming.

“In a world where people are still fighting for their rights, going to an event to find out what you can do as an advocate, no matter what your field is, is important,” Kolipak said.