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History made in SG election

Britney Deas is the first African-American woman to be elected SG president at USF. Travis McCloskey will serve as vice president. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE.

The results are in and they aren’t surprising.

Britney Deas and Travis McCloskey will be the next student body president and vice president, respectively.

Deas’ win makes USF history as she is the first African-American woman to be elected as student body president. This is also the first time in 21 years that a female has been elected to the role.

The unopposed ticket received 2,951 votes, while the other choice of “I have no preference” received 726 votes.

A total of 3,677 students voted — about 8 percent of USF Tampa's 43,866 students — compared to 4,618 student votes in 2018 and 8,636 in 2017.

“These total counts are unofficial and final results are pending the outcome of grievances that were filed and double votes that were submitted by voters,” Gary Manka, director of Student Government Advising, Training & Operations, wrote in an email to The Oracle. “This may or may not impact some seats in the senatorial college elections. The one exception is the Presidential/Vice Presidential outcome, though uncertified, it will not change since there were no grievances filed against that ticket.”

According to Manka, only minor grievances were filed for chalking around polling stations and defacing a campaign poster. No major grievances were filed.

Manka said details of the grievances will not be released until they are resolved “in case any student confidential information is involved during the process.”

Although the presidential and vice presidential ticket will not change, it would take confirmation of seven minor grievances or one major grievance to affect a senatorial seat. It will be up to the Election Rules Committee to review the minor grievances.