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Parking trackers still in the works

Even though parking trackers were expected to be completed in the Crescent Hill Garage by the end of the summer, there was actually no concrete completion date and it is unclear when they will be installed. ORACLE PHOTO/CHAVELI GUZMAN

Despite Student Body President Moneer Kheireddine’s vow to have parking trackers finalized by the fall semester, school officials say no arrangements for completion have been finalized.

Installing the trackers, which will track how many cars are in each garage at a time, is not null and void, Assistant Director of Administrative Services Aaron Nichols, said.

There are no parking trackers in any of the garages, because there was never a concrete completion date to begin with, Nichols said.

The automated parking guidance system — which is also known as smart parking or parking trackers —  is scheduled to be implemented in the Crescent Hill Garage, which is closest to the Marshall Student Center. Also, the lots south of the library, 29A and 29B, are subject to undergo construction, according to Aaron Nichols, the assistant director of administrative services.

During the spring 2018 semester, Kheireddine said the trackers would be built this summer because the traffic was less heavy, but Nichols said the trackers were never scheduled to be completed.

“It was never a possibility,” Nichols said. “There must have been some confusion there.”

Kheireddine said his role in completing this initiative came after the initiative had been handed off to Parking and Transportation Services.

“From the student government side, we secured the funding and things that make the project happen, so we have done our piece,” Kheireddine said. “It’s in Parking and Transportation (hands) to execute it the best that they can.”

Kheireddine said the last communication he had with Parking and Transportation about the topic was a month or two ago, he said Monday. He said the conversation discussed the security of the vendor and paperwork.

The initiative originated in the 2016-17 school year from previous Student Body President Chris Griffin and Vice President Alec Waid.

Griffin secured nearly $1,000,000 from Capital Improvement Trust Fund (CITF) to get the smart parking funding secured. The CITF is funding that every university receives to make improvements on campus.

The end goal for Kheireddine is to secure enough funding to have smart parking in every garage on campus, he said.

Last year, in order to start the project, Kheireddine said that he and the team working on the initiative were able to review various products and pick out the trackers the previous student body president had requested.

The decision of the vendor was based of the decisions Griffin and Waid had made during their term, according to Kheireddine. After the certainty of the vendor, he said the project was handed over to Parking and Transportation with the appropriate resources and access to CITF funds.

This past summer, Parking and Transportation Services was working on securing a vendor and updating the timeline for when the smart parking will actually happen, according to Kheireddine.

Nichols said a construction manager has been contracted and is currently seeking proposals from four contractors for the parking systems. He said proposals are due Aug. 29 from the contractors. The proposals consists of size specific and appropriate technology that will review the surface lots’ conditions in the garages in order to support the trackers.

Until the proposals are finished, according to Nichols, there is no beginning date for construction or a prospective completion date.

Even though there is not a date for completion, Nichols said the project is running on schedule.

“Parking (and Transportation) has been working closely with SG, but from a facilities perspective, we’re just interested in finding a contractor and executing the project based on our timetables,” Nichols said. “So we are moving ahead just as planned.”