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Tattoo parlors offer deals for Friday the 13th

It has become a tradition for tattoo parlors to offer special Friday the 13th deals. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

USF’s local tattoo studio Atomic Tattoos North Tampa will be having its Friday the 13th deal from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

“It’s something that started like probably about 10 years ago and originally the idea was to have a small amount of tattoos, kind of an optional thing to do that day,” said Kevin Gray, an employee at the Atomic Tattoos North Tampa Studio. “Over the years it’s just gotten bigger and bigger and it’s to the point now that if you’re a tattoo shop, everyone’s hunting these deals down.”

Like many other tattoo studios, Atomic Tattoos has a Friday the 13th deal due to demand.

“It used to be all little bad luck tattoo ideas but over the years we just started noticing that people were not even wanting to have them be Friday the 13th related actually,” Gray said. “So now it’s just a bunch of little tattoos for cheap on a piece of paper.”

On Friday the 13th, the tattoo studio gives a limited amount of designs known as flash designs.

“We’re gonna do selected flash. We’ll post a few pages of flash designs that we’ll have pre made for the day and also we’re gonna be doing some piercings,” said Nick Wilton, Atomic Tattoos North Tampa Studio employee. “We’re just doing flash designs but only that day because if we did one custom thing for one person it would just snowball and it would just be like a regular day.”

Both tattoos and piercings will be available for $20, $13 tattoos with a mandatory $7 tip. Some more complex piercings are $31 with a $9 mandatory tip.

Because of demand, it is recommended that customers arrive at a reasonable time.

“Since we’re gonna be super busy and usually it’s full of people in the lobby, we usually stop taking tattoos at 9,” said Nick. “We might close a little earlier just because it’ll be busy the whole day.”