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What’s the bullet benefit?

The act of bullet journaling is used by some students as a way to de-stress from work and class and as a creative outlet that allows them to stay organized. Bullet journals are specialized to the maker and can include anything the person needs. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

In the land of YouTube tutorials, there is much more to offer than how to apply makeup with a banana peel or how to make a DIY candle out of a mason jar and some thread. There is a new trend in the works, one with true purpose that is comprised of organization and style. 

Bullet journaling has taken the internet world by storm. It is a system used to track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future. Simply put it is an outlet for people, with or without artistry skills, to produce a calendar that is visually appealing and efficient.  

“Every weekend I sit down and plan the next week out, making sure that I write down my classes and any homework that I have to turn in, as well as activities around campus that I am interested in participating in,” USF student Payton Barnette said. 

Keeping track of things is part of human nature. A bullet journal is an exciting way for people to organize their lives, but can also act as a stress reliever. Just like adult coloring books and bike riding, bullet journals are a modern-day method used by students to de-stress their lives and keep it orderly at the same time. 

Barnette did not stop using a weekly planner when she started creating a monthly bullet journal. Barnette uses her bullet journal to track categories such as doing homework, going to the gym, spending time at coffee shops and making art. The bullet journal helps her keep track of how she spends her time on various activities.

It is not all serious when it comes to Barnette’s journal, however, as she is also sure to include space for doodling, brainstorming and photo collages of things such as her favorite books and movies. 

“Not all bullet journals look pristine and perfect like the ones on Instagram, and that’s OK,” Barnette said. “If you focus all of your time on the aesthetic aspect, then the practical aspect will melt away. You have to find what works for you.”

Odris Padron, a one-year veteran of bullet journaling, uses her bullet journal as an outlet for daily tasks, birthday reminders, expense tracking, school assignments, social events and appointments, among other daily responsibilities. 

“My bullet journal has helped me balance my life with having my personal and academic undertakings all in one place,” Padron said. “I also noticed the symbols and abbreviations that I used were second nature already. I really enjoy it.” 

Similarly to Padron, USF student Niharika Baviriseaty uses her bullet journal to keep her life in order by putting together the week’s to-do’s every Sunday. Baviriseaty said her bullet journal has helped her live a more organized life.

When it comes to bullet journals, personal style is important. One’s bullet journal is reflective of their personality and stylistic choices. 

“I never liked regular planners because they never fit my style, so I would just use them for a couple of days,” Baviriseaty said. “However, I noticed with bullet journaling that I always come back to it.”