Over 6,000 votes have been cast in SG elections


Student Government (SG) elections are coming to a close this evening.

The polls will close at 11:59 p.m. and results will be announced at noon on Friday. Jennifer Bielen, assistant director for SG advising, said that as of Wednesday morning, over 6,000 votes had been cast in this year’s elections.

Supervisor of Elections for SG Jalen LaRubbio said polling stations have run out of the more than 1,000 shirts SG purchased and pizza they hand out to students  who vote at the polling stations. LaRubbio said SG has been giving out close to 40 pizzas a day.

“It’s kind of hectic, but it seems like we’re having good numbers,” LaRubbio said. “Everything is running smooth.”

All voting is online, but students can vote via iPad at polling stations.

SG has been advertising the election through social media, mass emails and through the polling stations to try to entice students to vote, LaRubbio said.

“Other than that, I think it’s actually great that the candidates are also doing a great job of getting their people out,” LaRubbio said.

LaRubbio said he thinks it is important for students to get out and vote in the elections because those who win will serve as the students’ voice and make decisions on spending the money from the fees students pay.

“I mean, it’s ultimately the people that end up being your voice and the people that end up allocating your money,” LaRubbio said. “There’s millions of dollars in (Activity and Service) fees that SG’s ultimately responsible (for) and it’s a fee that everyone pays on their tuition.”