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Free, on campus resources to help USF students stick to 2017 resolutions

Campus Rec is free for USF students and the list of activities they provide is almost too long to list. ORACLE FILE PHOTO/ADAM MATHIEU

“New year, new me”.

This is 2017’s motto for millions of people around the world, including numerous college students. Every year thousands of New Year’s resolutions are made, and a lot of them don’t live to see February, much less December. This year, however, if USF students wish to keep their resolutions for the entire year, here are some free resources on campus they can utilize to keep these top three most common annual objectives.

Getting fit

Probably the most popular New Year’s resolution made, and broken, is to get in better shape. There are many excuses and reasons as to why this resolution is so hard to keep, such as gym memberships being too expensive or the gym being too far away. Maybe people just can’t find the motivation to go or don’t seem to see any interesting classes being offered. For USF students, all of these reasons are void thanks to the Campus Recreation Center.

Campus Rec is free for USF students and the list of activities they provide is almost too long to list. Students can sign up for cycle and yoga classes among others. Anyone who wants a personal training session can purchase them, and prices start at $30 for one session. There is also a special offering running until the end of January where students who buy four sessions get one free, those who buy eight get two free and 12 sessions come with three free extras.

Campus Rec will be putting on a Bulls Fitness Expo tomorrow from 5-9 p.m. where students will be able to talk to trainers and learn more about how Campus Rec can help them meet their 2017 fitness goals.

Eat healthier

Healthy eating and exercising go hand-in-hand, so for the students who are attacking both issues this year, take a visit to the Wellness Center at MSC 1504 as well.

Some college students feel as if it is harder to eat healthy when you get to university. Maybe McDonald’s is cheaper than grocery shopping. If you feel as if you need to do better this year, talk to a registered dietician at the Wellness Center. They are there to help people with all of their nutrition questions. Students can also check their weight and blood pressure while there. They might end up leaving with a better idea of what they should be eating, how they should be eating and a better way to plan and view their diet. Make sure not to forget to pick one some free fruit before leaving.

If the issue is more about how to cook a more nutritious meal, students are in luck as the Wellness Center also offers Cooking with the Dieticians events. Here, students will actually be watching and interacting with the dieticians as they prepare a meal in real time. Hopefully, they leave with a new favorite healthy recipe.

Students who would like to sign up for Cooking with the Dieticians can do so at

Better finances

It’s a running gag that being a college student means being broke. Not exactly true. Students in university are adults who should be in charge of their finances and know how to manage them. Luckily for the ones who aren’t so good at this, Financial Aid Services offers a Financial Education Program.

They offer multiple group seminars covering topics such as budgeting, building credit, ID theft, borrowing student loans, spending and saving habits and even ”financial life after graduation”. There will be free pizza at some of the seminars and some even give students a chance to win money if they enter a raffle or play a game.

Interested parties can register here: