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USF System President Genshaft up for performance-based stipend

When the USF Board of Trustees meets today, they will decide how much USF System President Judy
Genshaft will receive of her potential $175,000 performance-based stipend. ORACLE PHOTO/JACKIE BENITEZ

USF System President Judy Genshaft is in line to receive a bonus of up to $175,000 this morning as the USF Board of Trustees (BOT) convenes.

At the BOT meeting today, trustees will vote on how much money Genshaft will receive for her performance-based stipend.

Genshaft’s contract allows her to receive up to $175,000 in a stipend based on university performance, according to USF spokesman Adam Freeman. At a governance committee meeting in mid-November, the decision was made to give Genshaft approximately $116,375 out of the $122,500 the committee controls.

BOT chair Brian Lamb controls the other 30 percent of the stipend. During today’s meeting, he will determine how much of this remaining $52,500 Genshaft will receive on top of the 95 percent suggested by the committee, Freeman said.

Genshaft’s self-evaluation outlined the goals developed by the BOT.  Those goals included research, fundraising, student success and USF Health. 

According to the minutes from the November meeting, Genshaft received glowing reviews from the BOT members. They rated her performance across various areas on a scale of one to 10, with her ratings never falling below an eight in any area.

According to minutes from the November meeting, BOT vice chair Jordan Zimmerman recounted the top seven university achievements for the year. These included USF’s new emerging pre-eminent status, the construction of the new housing village and the planned move of the Morsani College of Medicine to Downtown Tampa. 

In the area of research, almost all of the goals set were met, aside from the number of postdoctoral appointees, according to the evaluation.

In the area of fundraising, USF fell short of a $100 million goal for gifts and commitments. The university endowment also decreased.

Goals associated with USF Health were all met, with the evaluation citing that the average MCAT scores for the fall 2015 Morsani College of Medicine class were the highest in the program’s history.

Student success, which is measured through metrics such as six-year graduation rates and average SAT scores, saw mixed results. USF St. Petersburg and USF Sarasota-Manatee underperformed in multiple categories, according to the evaluation. 

Also on the agenda for today’s meeting is approval of an update to the USF St. Petersburg Campus Master Plan in regards to comments from the City of St. Petersburg that were not received in time to be instituted into the original plan, according to the meeting agenda. 

The BOT will also vote on whether or not to approve a new degree program at USF St. Petersburg, a Master of Science in Conservation Biology.