Where to eat: National French Toast Day

Students can get a Floridian French toast at First Watch on Fowler Avenue, which is a classic French toast topped with bananas, kiwis and seasonal berries. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE.

On this day, people all across the U.S. will be expressing their love for the classic morning meal that is typically made from bread, milk and eggs. It’s National French Toast Day.

Fortunately for USF students, Tampa was rated the fourth best foodie city in the U.S. by wallethub.com. This means that students not only have many options for places to eat the beloved breakfast dish today, but they also have plenty of options for what kind of French toast to get.

First Watch

One of the closest breakfast and brunch places to the USF campus, First Watch’s University Collection Fowler location offers two variations of French toast: the classic and a Floridian French toast. The Floridian version, like the basic, is a custard dipped slice of brioche bread topped with powdered cinnamon sugar, but what makes it different is the blend of bananas, kiwis and seasonal berries that accompany it.



Keke’s Breakfast Cafe in Carrollwood is another chain restaurant that provides two options for French toast. The regular option can be had with just powdered sugar and cinnamon; a warm apple cinnamon topping; bananas, pecans, and caramel; or strawberries, bananas and blueberries.

The second option is a stuffed French toast with several types of cream cheese stuffing including, blueberry; pecans, caramel and chocolate; and pineapple and coconut.



Brunchie’s of Tampa, also located in Carrollwood, has two French toast selections on their menu: a maple French toast and a guava-stuffed version. They both use challah bread, but the former has maple syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla added to the traditional egg and milk custard that the slice is soaked in, and the latter has a guava cream cheese filling, is coated with crushed corn flakes and topped with strawberries and slivered almonds.



Datz, a reputable Tampa eatery Datz has its own spin on French toast on both their breakfast and brunch menus: creme brulee French toast. This pick adds a Grand Marnier pastry cream to the griddled French toast, and the slices are also caramelized to give a crunchy creme brulee effect.


Daily Eats

SoHo-based Daily Eats has a Chef’s Famous Crunchy French toast as an alternative to its classic one. The crunchy option takes a traditional French toast and coats it in Cap’n Crunch cereal for a unique texture and flavor combination.