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USF World announces new vice president

Vice Provost and former Associate Vice President for USF World Roger Brindley will be stepping into the new position of Vice President for USF World beginning in July.

USF World is known for promoting interaction between students from across the globe. The organization also works on study abroad opportunities and international curriculum designed to encourage students toward a more global way of thinking. 

Brindley has served as a professor at USF for 19 years, receiving several awards including Honored Professor from the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He has also written and edited for international journals, as well as spoken at conferences around the world.

Part of USF World’s mission is to help guide the USF system into engaging more internationally, which includes working with international students, providing study abroad opportunities to students and helping organize campus events that focus on the global society.

According to a press release, Brindley plans to continue with USF World’s goals of global curriculum, student success, campus global awareness, global mobility and international research.