‘The Boss’ a major bust?

Melissa McCarthy is back in her new movie “The Boss,” which is about multimillionaire Michelle Darnell, who has lost everything and works her way back to the top.

Darnell is a ruthless business woman who thinks people only tie you down, a problem that causes her to make a lot of enemies on her path to corporate success, including her main business rival, Renault, played by Peter Dinklage.

After being convicted of insider trading, all of Darnell’s assets and accounts are frozen and she is left penniless, forcing her to move in with her former assistant Claire Rawlins, played by Kristen Bell, and her daughter Rachel, played by Ella Anderson.

After Darnell takes Rachel to her Dandelions’ troop meeting, she sees an untapped market and starts her own corporate troop selling homemade brownies called Darnell’s Darlings. Only recruiting the toughest girls, they go door to door selling the sweets to help put Darnell back on top.

Although the film does not mention child labor laws, they do cross the audience’s mind, and viewers are left wondering if these young girls selling brownies for commission is truly legal or if Darnell will end up in jail again.

Coming together with old partners and enemies, Darnell fights to keep her new company.

Although McCarthy’s movies are known to be funny, ‘The Boss’ comes out lacking in that department. The humor was a majority of dirty jokes and cursing. Though they warrant a laugh or two, the film provides no real humor beyond that.

More emotional than humorous, ‘The Boss’ preaches family values in a style more akin to a family feel-good movie than an R-rated comedy.

Despite this not being one of McCarthy’s stronger roles, ‘The Boss’ is still worth a watch for its amusing way of teaching people the value of family and how coming out on top, isn't always the best thing.