STARZ starts streaming service

With the wide variety of premium cable subscription streaming networks available, such as HBO and Showtime, it doesn’t seem like viewers would need another.

However, the premium cable and satellite television network STARZ plans to do just that.

On Tuesday, STARZ announced its intent to join the streaming service game with the launch of its new app, STARZ.

For $8.99 per month, members can have access to STARZ original series, such as their upcoming show, “America Gods” and their popular series, “Outlander.”

STARZ will also provide a variety of blockbuster movies, including “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which will be available later this year.

This price is cheaper than both HBO and Showtime’s streaming service apps, and, according to Variety, will be free to existing STARZ premium cable subscribers.

“STARZ has entered the market today with an enormous value proposition for consumers,” CEO of STARZ Chris Albrecht said.

“Our programing will now be more widely available to the 20 million broadband only homes of cord nevers, cord cutters and cord shavers, including millennials and other underserved consumers who need other viable subscription service options.”

STARZ will also provide its members with an unlimited amount of downloads, so they can save and watch their favorite shows offline or on the go, given their device has the space.

In order to attract fans, STARZ will begin offering an early release of the second season of “Outlander” Thursday, for both streaming and downloading – two days before its television premiere date.

“Showcasing the rebranded STARZ offerings we announced last month, we believe this innovative app will also help fortify the broadband business of many of our traditional distributors and be even more appealing for inclusion in future video bundles,” Albrecht said.

According to its website, the STARZ app works as a central destination for users who wish to view the content. Subscribers to the company’s other networks, STARZ ENCORE and MOVIEPLEX, can also use the app to stream and download content.

STARZ is available now on Android and iOS devices through the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.