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Student Governments meet and greet

As the current student body presidents across the USF System wrap up their terms, there remains the matter of passing the gauntlet to their successors.

At a meeting hosted by USF St. Petersburg’s Student Government (SG), the presidents and vice presidents from each campus, as well as members of their respective legislative and executive branches, will discuss the year in review and network.

“It’s an opportunity for all three branches from all three campuses to get together and talk about the different things they’ve been working on all year and exchange ideas and give advice,” USF Tampa student body president Andy Rodriguez said.

Student body president-elect Chris Griffin is eager to attend the meeting this year.

“The majority of it is going to be sitting, contributing, listening to different branches,” he said. “(I’ll be) introducing myself to some of the people who don’t know me, forming some of those relationships we’re going to need for the next year.”

The meeting is set to begin at noon and conclude with a midafternoon boat ride.