Telltale will premiere new ‘Walking Dead’ game this year

It’s been a busy week for Telltale Games, first with the announcement of the new Batman video game on Friday, and now with plans of releasing “The Walking Dead: Season 3” this year.

Telltale Games CEO Kevin Bruner confirmed Tuesday the premiere of ‘The Walking Dead: Season 3’ will take place later this year. The game will be the third in the series’ continuing story line and will be the fifth in Telltale’s “Walking Dead” game line.

“The Walking Dead” is a popular series that began in 2003 as a comic book by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. It has spawned multiple television shows, a popular webisode series and several video games.

Whereas the classic story follows the adventures of Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy, and the group of survivors he leads, the Telltale video games follow new characters who also try to survive in the zombie apocalypse.

Telltale’s first game of this series, “The Walking Dead,” was released in 2013 and follows the adventures of Lee Everett as he tries to survive with Clementine, a girl he saves. In 2015, Telltale sold 28 million episodes of the game.

This success was followed by the premiere of more “Walking Dead”-themed games throughout the years, including the downloadable special episode “400 Days” in 2013, “The Walking Dead: Season 2” in 2013 and, most recently, the miniseries “The Walking Dead: Michonne,” which premiered in 2016.

The new game follows Telltale’s classic design, with its episodic chapter releases and decision-based gameplay. Fans can also expect their decisions in the previous games to carry over.

"We've got a strategy to help “Season 3” players … collect all their data from the previous games,” Bruner told Mashable. “[W]e didn't have the cloud services in “Season 1” that we have now. So we're going to have a solution for everybody that we're not talking about it yet."

According to Bruner, the main goal of this project is to appeal to a wider fan base.

"It allows people who maybe maybe haven't played [the first two seasons] to come in and get up to speed really quickly. But it definitely respects, honors and facilitates all of the various end points that “Season 2” had," Bruner said.

More information about the games premiere will be revealed this summer at Comic-Con International, which will take place July 21-24.