Resignation, Resolution


Student Government (SG) Senate meeting held two major results: the resignation of the SG Supreme Court senior justice, and the passing of a divestment resolution.

During the Judicial Report, Senior Justice Alec Waid announced his resignation from the SG court, effective Wednesday night.

“I am regretfully resigning my seat from the Supreme Court,” Waid said. “I am exploring other options.”

Much debate arose after a discussion period concerning the joint resolution vetoed Jan. 26 by Student Body President Andy Rodriguez and Malanga — In Support of Student Voices — and again when a Senate resolution by the same name was presented for a vote. The resolution calls for the Foundation Committee to end investments in companies associated with human rights violations against the people of Palestine. 

During all discussions of the resolution, Senate President Pro Tempore Danish Hasan presided over the meeting because Senate President Kristen Truong stepped down during those periods.

The Senate first discussed the veto, which Malanga read during his report. Some senators were in agreement with Rodriguez and Malanga, while others both voiced and indicated their disagreement.

After discussion, the Senate voted on a Congressional override of the veto, which would thereby dismiss the veto and have the resolution continue to the Staff and Faculty Senates, as planned. However, the vote failed 32-18, as such an action requires a supermajority vote.

After that, Sen. Hala Alkattan presented a Senate resolution to the floor also titled “In Support of Student Voices” — written by herself and Sen. Muhammad Imam.

It was exactly the same as the joint resolution, though the differing classification means it does not need to be signed by Rodriguez or Malanga to take effect. Rather, it only needs to pass the Senate with a majority vote — more than half as opposed to the two thirds needed to override the veto.

The Senate held a discussion period about the resolution and entertained the idea of a few amendments, none of which were added, before voting on the Senate resolution. It passed the Senate with a vote of 32-15.

After being signed by Truong and Hasan, it will be presented to the Staff and Faculty Senates.