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Meeting new people on campus: A guide to pick up girls


Trying to meet women, balance classes and get swole is a challenge for many college guys. 

While good grades and huge muscles are a matter of calculation and effort, making introductions is often a matter of guesswork. However, the cute girl in the Smart Lab and the beautiful brunette across the Marshall Student Center may not be as inaccessible as they seem.

Here are some ways to bridge the gap:

Perhaps the best way to meet a young lady, or anyone for that matter, is to simply be polite and mature. Approaching her at a table and saying, “Excuse me, I think you’re beautiful,” and then introducing yourself will be much more effective than trying to act like a teenager and using a line.

Add to that courtesy with straightforwardness, and you are well on your way to knowing that beautiful lady with glasses on the fourth floor of the library. Approaching her with a comment about what she’s doing or working on is sure to break the ice.

If she is in a group with other girls, don’t fear. They won’t bite and she’ll be flattered to find you are interested in her. Of course, no one wants to feel left out, so don’t make things awkward by neglecting her friends. 

Allow conversation with her and the group to flow naturally, and wait for her friends to break off into their own conversation before you give her your entire attention. Nothing is worse than immediately having to choose between your friends and a cute stranger. This isn’t do or die — it’s a simple “hello.”

Girls in a group with boys and girls are just as accessible, but the key is to be confident. You won’t know if the guy she’s talking to is her boyfriend or otherwise, so muster up some courage and find out for yourself.

A word of caution: tread carefully around girls walking to class. They may be the nicest girls in the world, but if they’re in a rush, they may be hasty in rejecting you. Don’t take it personally, and don’t get discouraged. Just try again later.

Try to remain calm, cool and collected. Sweaty palms aren’t always a confidence boost. Keep those palms dry, and you’re a step ahead of the game. They didn’t invent the handkerchief for nothing. However, if you’re not the most confident guy in the world, play to your strengths and be honest. Sometimes shy guys are adorable.

Chivalry is alive and well. Don’t throw it in a girl’s face and expect her to fall in love immediately. But seriously, hold the door open. A nice gesture can go a long way, and common courtesy is not so common. If you see a girl drop her book, pick it up for her — it’s a great conversation starter.

Ultimately, people are interested in getting to know you. You just have to be a polar bear — go out and break that ice.