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Tampa Bay Times secures USF Athletics sponsorship

The Tampa Bay Times is paying $90,000 over the next three years to be USF’s exclusive print media sponsor for athletic events.

In addition, the contract includes a trade amount worth $500,000 a year for “gift cards, vouchers, trade credits or rental agreements.”

A university spokesman said the $500,000 will consist primarily of advertising through the Times. The ads will pertain to either university athletics or academics. 

As part of the contract, the Times will receive four season tickets to USF baseball games, four season tickets to men’s basketball games and eight season tickets for football games.

Additionally, the Times’ brand will be advertised online, on tunnel covers, the scorer’s table and the game day booth. The paper’s brand will also be featured on university radio and television programs, as well as mentioned over PA announcements and video board segments, according to the contract.

As of the contract’s execution last month, the Times will pay the university biannually in $15,000 installments.

“The Times has supported the University of South Florida since its early days. Both organizations invest in Tampa Bay and look to its future, so this is a natural partnership between two institutions of similar purpose,” said Times CEO Paul Tash in a statement. “Together, we can use our strengths to benefit both organizations and, we hope, the citizens of Tampa Bay.”