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How to survive black Friday


As Thanksgiving approaches, so does Black Friday.  Although most Black Friday sales have already started in one way or another, actually hitting the stores early is very exciting. Nothing is better than getting $80 shoes for $10, and many shoppers take advantage of this. Yet, this day full of wonder can turn sour in a second and everyone can use a few tips on surviving the best and worst shopping day of the year.

Don’t stand at the door

Being closest to the door puts you at the biggest risk of being trampled. It’s no joke; people have been injured simply because they were in the front and not fast enough. If you know you’re fast enough, there is a good chance of making it through, but otherwise don’t get too close. Stay in the back – it will be worth the delay to feel your limbs the next day.

Wear comfortable clothes

Black Friday shopping is hard on the body, so be sure you’re comfortable. Don’t wear those nine-inch heels or fancy dress shoes. Make sure you feel good in what you’re wearing so it won’t hinder your ability to shop. We’re shopping until we drop, so it’s essential to be comfortable.

Make a shopping list

It’s absolutely essential to know what you want to get so you don’t wander too long. Wandering leads to losses you simply don’t want. Be sure you know what your goal is so you can make a beeline to that part of the store.

Go later

Everyone thinks this is a morning sport, but they aren’t always right. Many people do enjoy shopping late Thanksgiving evening or early the following morning, but that doesn’t mean you have to be there then.  There may be fewer things, but unless there is something specific that you want, browsing time is best saved for later in the day. Early mornings equal competition.

Ignore the electronics

Yes, it’s hard to ignore something big and shiny, but sometimes it’s not worth it. Everyone will be trying to get a new iPad on sale and everyone has to have that big-screen TV, but that’s just it: everyone wants it.

Big crowds equal a lot of trouble, so stay low and avoid the electronics. It’s not only to stay out of the crowd, but it’s also because some stores won’t have more than 10 in stock. You’d think, on the busiest day of the year they would have hundreds, but no. Some stores trick you into coming with the desire you have for one only a few big computers.

Pick a partner who will shop at your pace

This doesn’t seem important, but if you bring your kid brother or sister,  the chances of keeping up as you run through the crowd are slim. Plus, if you bring someone who doesn’t want to be there, they’ll go slow and you’ll miss the deals. So be sure the person you have with you is ready to keep up.

Check online deals

Sometimes in-store sales will be different than their online counterparts, so you may find some amazing deals on your computer or phone. Appreciate this as the less physical form of shopping, where with one click, you can easily find a deal you like. In this case, you might even find better deals than those in stores. You never know where the best deals are, so it might pay off to stay home Friday and shop on Cyber Monday.