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The Claw adds FootGolf as alternative to golf

FootGolf can be played during The Claw’s normal hours of operation and the only thing needed to play is a soccer ball, which can be rented for $5. COURTESY OF BILLY CASPER GOLF

The Claw has been USF’s golf course for 47 years and now offers a new sport to play. FootGolf, which is essentially golf played with a soccer ball, picked up popularity in Europe before coming to the United States.

Spencer McIntosh, general manager of The Claw, said that offering FootGolf on the course is a way to attract people to the golf course who normally wouldn’t feel comfortable there. 

“A key thing right now is trying to get people who might not be exposed to the game,, providing them an avenue that is more comfortable for them to get them to the golf course,” McIntosh said.

The sport is played on the golf course at the same time people are playing golf. The holes are set up in the rough, off to the side of the fairway. To ensure that FootGolf players don’t hold up golfers, each normal hole has two FootGolf holes on it. 

McIntosh said that adding this unique sport to the course was targeted at attracting people who enjoy alternative sports and therefore would likely never come to The Claw.

“(We’re targeting) anyone who likes to do physical activities,” McIntosh said. “Ideally, we’d like to cater to people involved in Ultimate Frisbee, alternative sports like that. Also, young kids that play

McIntosh said that FootGolf offers a solution to common reasons that people choose not to golf

“I think there’s a misconception in the golf industry that golf is too expensive and time consuming,” McIntosh said. “This is a way for them to come out to the golf course and get around really fast. FootGolf takes about half the time as golf and you don’t have to buy clubs.”