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How Ebola got sexy — or not

In a trendsetting culture such as ours, Halloween is the perfect time for those wishing to be both sexy and pop-culture savvy.

The time has come to toss that sexy “Despicable Me” Minion costume from last year and find a fresh way to be sexy for the spookiest holiday of the year. The search for unique but provocative must go beyond sexy crayon or sexy pizza, as these are trite by comparison to this year’s sexy Ebola nurse costume.

For those wanting to show off skin and some sense of being up-to-date on world affairs, Mashable and the blogosphere have blown up recently with the latest in appalling Halloween costumes: sexy Ebola nurse. Nothing shouts topical Halloween like being suited up with an exposed sports bra, fingerless gloves and a bright yellow hazmat suit that is not exactly protecting one’s skin.

The sexy Ebola nurse costume is sure to be a hit at parties. It’ll be hard not to steal the show when Spiderman and Jason Voorhees see a bright yellow hazmat-suited girl walking by. Then again, the seriousness of Ebola may not be the only reason people are pointing and looking.

However, one should be advised that the night could end on a lonely note as the threat of Ebola is serious and people may not want to get too close. Still, some could find it worth the risk; after all, it’s not every day a sexy Ebola nurse walks by at a party.

If Ebola is too serious a topic, but the need to offend with a hyper-sexualized costume remains, another option is Olaf from the hugely successful Disney film “Frozen.” Taking a recent and beloved children’s film and making it sexy could be the best — or more likely, the most horrific — gateway from childhood to adulthood.

The Olaf costume consists of less snow and more skin with a white outfit essentially consisting of a leotard with buttons, thigh-highs, gloves and a carrot nose transform the wearer into a snowman.

It may be hard to pass for a steamy snowman, but perhaps the general appreciation of “Frozen” will grant the costumed individual a pass.
While pimping out an international epidemic and a character from Disney are vastly offensive, disgusting and vulgar, at the end of the night, Halloween serves as the only day of the year anyone can dress up in a costume with full First Amendment freedom, whether it be sexy, funny or scary.

Adam Mathieu is a junior majoring in studio art.