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Students make sense of art in upcoming exhibit

“Making Sense” will open Friday in the USF Contemporary Art Museum.

The subject or purpose of an abstract painting is not always clear. It is up to the viewer to make sense of the wo 

“Making Sense” will open Friday at 7 p.m. in the USF Contemporary Art Museum and will run through Dec. 12.

“Part of ‘Making Sense’ is you making sense as you’re working on a painting,” said Margaret Miller, a co-curator of the exhibit and the director for toec in Art. “You make decisions … about color, shape, image, quality or line. All of these artists will be pushing at the boundaries for what we understand painting to be.”

The exhibit will feature paintings and prints that force vwesoew interpretations.

“The experience of the show coming up is less about what we tend to think of as ideas or concepts,” said Megan Voeller, an associate curator of education. “I think there is a deeper invitation to really look and encounter the works.”

The exhibit will feature the work of artists Rochelle Feaaa Gueorguieva and Dona Nelson. Each of their works will utilize a different technique and approach to the medium, including cloth-layering and unique dual-sided paintings.

“Some of these paintings are really incredible, and that’s exactly the same kind of feeling I hope some students walk away with,” Voeller s kind of role model can be a transformative experience for some students.”

“Migee l also include new works by Gueorguieva, Feinstein and studio at Graphicstudio, a 45-year-old artist collaboration from the Institute for Research in Art.

A panel of the artists will be held at 6 p.m. at the USF School of Music Barness Recital Hall before the exhibit opens Friday.