Nielsen event offers corporate contacts



 Whether students hope to pursue a career in media, marketing or mechanical engineering, USF is hosting an event this week that provides an array of opportunities for connecting students to jobs. 

As part of the third annual Industry Connections event, representatives from Nielsen, Target and the Tampa Bay Rays will come to campus Tuesday to provide students with insights and connections in the corporate world. 

While USF has worked with Nielsen for many years to recruit students as potential employees for the company, Mary Leonard, a project manager at Nielsen, said the annual event started out of a need for branding on campus, as many students on campus were unaware of the Nielsen company. 

“We wanted to open their minds to show how innovative companies are, and how students need to be innovative themselves,” she said. 

Nielsen, a consumer ratings company, employs over 40,000 people worldwide and has hired more than 80 USF students within the last year, ranging from accounting to electrical engineering. 

Hosting the event, Nielsen will offer a demo of different technologies the company uses for software in consumer research and also feature Senior Vice President Brian Fuhrer as keynote speaker and Tampa Bay Rays Senior Vice President Mark Fernandez. 

While Leonard said Nielsen will focus its recruitment on those pursuing engineering, representatives from Target will be there to get students involved in management and representatives from the Rays will speak on sports marketing and social media. 

The event is sponsored by several departments across campus and registration for the event will begin at 9 a.m. and ends with an expo and networking session at noon. Students participating in the event will also have a chance to win a JamBOX, an Amazon Fire HD, a Livescribe and a Solar Backpack. 

Students are encouraged to pre-register for the event at