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University launches revised MyUSF app

As if students don’t spend enough time looking at their phones already, USF recently relaunched its smartphone app to better interact with students on campus.
The revised MyUSF Mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, includes real-time GPS tracking for the Bull Runner, better integration with the university’s social media and more.
“We wanted to give the app some fresh branding and roll out some new features,” said Steve Dapcic, USF’s director of digital media. “We’re always looking for ways to expand the app’s capabilities.”
In addition to having a map of campus, the app now includes features such a list of dining locations on campus, which lets users know what locations are currently open. The app also includes shortcuts to student courses on Canvas, campus safety alerts and a feature that allows users to not only check the arrival times for the Bull Runner, but also to see where the buses are in real time.
“When you look at the growing percentage of people on mobile devices, and especially the amount of time people are spending on apps, it’s important for USF to have resources for them and stay current with what users are looking for,” Dapcic said.
Using the app, faculty and staff can also view annual or sick leave. The app can be downloaded on all mobile devices through the app store or by visiting