Rudd impresses NBA teams during offseason workouts

Victor Rudd is determined to make an NBA roster. In preparation for the NBA Draft on June 26, the former USF forward has been working tirelessly in the gym and at team workouts to impress talent evaluators enough to garner a contract.

Danny Ainge, the president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics, saw Rudd perform at his pro day and was impressed enough to offer him a workout.

Last week, Rudd worked out for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Celtics. He said both teams gave him positive feedback, but he thinks the Celtics were particularly pleased with his workout.

“The Celtics liked me for being physical,” Rudd said. “They said I was the most physical guy in the workout.”

Such a compliment is high praise for a workout that included Adreian Payne, who is projected as a first round draft pick and led the Spartans to the Elite Eight. Michael Dixon of Missouri was also present at the workout, along with a player from Oregon State and a player from France.

Rudd, who has the 10th most points scored in USF history, said the workout consisted of shooting drills and a game of three on three, which is where he said he made his impression on the Celtics.

Rudd fully expects to be signed to a team for the upcoming season, whether it’s with the professional team or their D-League affiliate team. But according to Rudd, he might not have to worry about finding a team to sign with after the draft.

“There’s a couple of teams that are interested in drafting me,” Rudd said. “But if they don’t, I still have the summer league games and that’s where I’m going to show people what I really can do.”

With his sights set on the NBA, Rudd has been training on the court and in the gym every day. Rudd said he spends six to seven hours a day working on conditioning, lifting and shooting. He has also been practicing with NBA players DeMarcus Cousins and Nick Young, as well as former NBA guard Gilbert Arenas.

Rudd said he hopes to play for a team that is already established, such as the Spurs or the Thunder, but he thinks his familiarity with the Celtics team would make them a good option.

“I played high school basketball with Avery Bradley and I know Jared Sullinger, so they would be a good fit,” Rudd said.

There are still many more teams Rudd has to try out for before the draft. Next on the schedule are workouts for the Mavericks, the Rockets and the Pistons.