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Coldplay fails to impress with early release of two tracks


Fans who may have gotten excited by Coldplay’s release of  “Atlas” from the “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack may be disappointed with the two songs the band released from their upcoming album “Ghost Stories” that drops May 19.

Though “Atlas” is reminiscent of classic Coldplay, long gone are the days of incomparable ballads such as “The Scientist,” “Shiver” and “In My Place.” 

The band is changing the sound yet again, and seems to be pulling their inspiration from Imogen Heap and Bon Iver with the band’s new songs “Midnight” and “Magic.” 

In fact, “Midnight” sounds eerily similar to Bon Iver’s “Holocene,” as lead singer Chris Martin sings into music’s death trap: auto-tune.

This is not the first time Coldplay has changed their sound and experimented with their music. With every album release there was always a growth and change in their sound. However, this time the change is too dramatic and not for the better.

With consistently flawless live performances, if there is one modern singer that could have spared using auto-tune, it’s Martin. Yet, even he has succumbed to the trend that puts tone-deaf pop stars on top of the charts.

Though “Magic” is not a Bon Iver rip-off, there is a lot of Heap with just a dash of Martin thrown in. Again fans may have a “Have I heard this before?” moment and then listen to Heap’s older work, such as “Headlock,” and may discover “Magic” is exactly what it would sound like if Heap were a man. 

Martin said “Magic” is the official first single of the album. This may be a poor move as the release of Heap’s next album, “Sparks,” in April may spark a reminder in fans of the obvious influence of sound.