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USF goes 1-1 on Friday


The USF softball team may have gone 1-1 on Friday against Wright State and Binghamton, but coach Ken Eriksen said the Bulls should have ended the day 0-2.


“We didn’t show any discipline or leadership whatsoever,” Eriksen said. “I can tell you we worked hard as a coaching staff this week, busted our butts. We were prepared for these games today. Our team didn’t show up today.”


USF (2-3) was down 6-3 to Wright State in the fourth inning when the Bulls initiated a two-inning stretch of moving runners along the base paths. Aided by three Wright State errors, USF scored a run in the fourth and four more in the fifth to take the game 8-6.


“We didn’t play well in either game,” Eriksen said. “Wright State gave us the ball game, they didn’t catch the ball in the middle infield. In all honesty we should be 0-2 today.”


After escaping with the win, USF faced off with Binghamton, who went 30-17 last season, and Eriksen assured the media was a formidable opponent on Thursday.


Sophomore pitcher Erica Nunn continued a hot start to the season with 4 2/3 innings of work with 10 strikeouts, two walks and two hits allowed, but took the hard-luck loss and dropped to 1-1 as the Bulls lost 1-0 due to an unearned run in the fourth inning.


Sophomore infielder Monica Santos dropped a throw to tag a runner at third base from Nunn, and Binghamton took the 1-0 lead.


Nunn hasn’t allowed an earned run in 10 1/3 innings in two starts, and is leading a group of underclassmen that is standing out, Eriksen said.


“She’s given us a chance to get ahead,” he said. “Our freshmen and sophomores are showing a big-league mentality that I’d like to see come out of our upperclassmen a little more.”


Eriksen listed freshman outfielder Ta’coia Williams as having a good at-bat in each attempt so far, and freshman outfielder Juli Weber’s play in her first start, along with the rest of the underclassmen making a positive impression, which is putting Eriksen in a difficult spot.


“Right now I’m in a quandary because when you see a team with heart it’s easier to do the things we’re use to doing,” he said. “We’re trying to find our heart. We’ve got a couple young people showing heart that will get playing time.”


USF plays former Big East foe Pittsburgh and No. 2 Tennessee on Saturday starting at 1:45 p.m.