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Britney unsuccessfully gets back to work


Britney Spears has rightfully earned her title as the princess of pop with her continuing string of radio hits and a Grammy Award since the start of her career in the late ’90s.

Though her songs continue to be played on the radio, most recently as her Billboard Hot 100 hit “Work B—-,” her latest album is definitely not one of her best, and it is doubtful anymore tracks from it will be played on the radio in the near future.

“Britney Jean,” Spears’ eighth studio album, takes a step away from the typical bubblegum pop music that Spears has so successfully made a career of, with songs more similar to her earlier songs “Lucky,” “Stronger” and “Everytime,” though nowhere near the caliber of those classic Spears hits.

The beginning tracks on the album, “Alien” and “Perfume,” show Spears’ strength is only in the upbeat pop genre, as these songs do nothing to flatter her vocal range or lyrical skill with repetitious lines such as “I’m not alone/not alone/not alone” on “Alien.” 

“Perfume” is more or less the same with unimaginative lyrics as Spears sings about her confusion about another girl in her boyfriend’s life: “I put on my perfume/ Yeah I want it all over you/ I gotta mark my territory/ I’ll never tell, tell on myself/ But I hope she smells my perfume.” 

Though the songs are unimpressive, the lyrics indicate Spears may have some insecurity issues to continue to work out in her life. This is further supported by the only song on the album worth buying, “Work
B—-,” which supports her talent with an energetic techno hit that tells you to work if you want any of the higher luxuries in life such as a Maserati or the ability to party in France.

Earlier this year, Spears was played on every radio and in every club for her collaboration with on the single “Scream & Shout,” but neither he nor T.I. could save her songs with their appearances on this album.

After her meltdown in 2007, Spears was able to reclaim her success with hit albums like “Circus” and “Femme Fatale” that elevated her on music charts across the country and garnered MTV and Billboard award nominations, using her infamy in media to her advantage. Unfortunately, this album doesn’t show any rises in her career and is a disappointment for fans of her pop hits.