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Kendall Schmidt: From Nickelodeon star to electronic-pop musician


Since the end of the popular Nickelodeon TV show “Big Time Rush,” the front man of the teenage boy band with the same name, Kendall Schmidt, has been touring as a member of Heffron Drive with his friend Dustin Belt. 

Heffron Drive is about to embark on a winter tour consisting of 21 stops including one at The Orpheum in Ybor City on Nov. 28.

The Oracle spoke with Schmidt to talk about leaving the show, his solo career and life on tour.

The Oracle: How do you want this tour to differ from the ones you’ve done with Big Time Rush?

Kendall Schmidt: I want it to be more intimate where I can make my fans feel like a part of the band and get them more involved. It’s more about a good performance this time instead of all the production.

O: How is the music different?

KS: The music is a little older, and it’s more about what I’ve been going through and my real life experiences; also it’s more relatable.

O: Is it weird performing without the guys from Big Time Rush?

KS: While performing for the last four years, Dustin was playing with them, so it’s not as drastic as it would be. But it is a bit nerve wracking.

O: Do you feel more vulnerable performing your own music?

KS: I’m nervous just talking about it. I just really want people to like it.

O: What inspired your solo career?

KS: My influence in music and the evolution of my song writing. Also, just bringing Heffron Drive back from the past.

O: Where do you see your solo career taking you?

KS:: I’d like to play a lot more shows in bigger venues. This time I’m in small venues with no production, so it’s relying on my music just being good.

O: Are you afraid that your Big Time Rush fans may not follow you or approve of your split?

KS: I’m still with Big Time Rush; it’s not over just because the TV show had a time limit. We couldn’t be 40 and on Nick. Now we just have the time to be our creative selves, and our music should carry us on. Our fans got us where we are now, I’m hoping they’ll support me and I’ll gain some new ones along the way.

O: What are you looking forward to on your tour?

KS: I love to travel, so I’m excited to be on the road again. Plus, I get to play my new songs and meet new people.

O: Besides the songs you’ve already released as Heffron Drive, can fans look forward to new music during the tour?

KS: I’m playing some new stuff, and I’m even playing things that I’m writing at the moment.

O: For those who may not know, can you describe what your Heffron Drive tour will entail?

KS: It’s going to be high-energy electro-pop. But the show is also going to be really intimate. I’m going to get to talk to people in the crowd, point at them and sing to them. It’s going to be really interactive.