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Brazil-Tampa partnership favors USF interests


Since 2005, Brazil has been climbing its way up the economic ladder and now has a $2.5 trillion GDP, making Brazil’s economy the sixth best in the nation, according to CNN.

Recently, USF representatives made a trip with Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn to develop a partnership with this country that is growing in power. This partnership between Brazil and USF could mean great things for the university, and USF should be lauded for quickly acting as the city takes this initiative.

In Latin America, Brazil dominates in the top universities.

According to QS Top Universities, of the 300 top universities in Latin America, 81 of them are in Brazil, which is far more than any of the other 18 countries. If USF was going to partner with any Latin American country, Brazil is clearly one that educationally mirrors the image in which USF wishes to travel.

The partnership will allow for many academic opportunities between USF and Brazilian universities.

This relationship with Brazil’s leaders can allow USF to partner with researchers from the many universities in Brazil. Being a research institution, any opportunity for USF to expand their research is an option that has wide potential.

Not only can this partnership benefit research programs, but it also opens the doors for new study abroad programs and brings in new streams of revenue during a time of financial turmoil. On average, international students pay about three times the rate of in-state residents, and USF has conscientiously tried to increase its international presence in recent years.

This partnership could be beneficial to students because it provides new opportunities to explore the world, brings new people to USF to further diversification and benefits the university financially.