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USF set to face conference leader

Coming off back-to-back victories at home, USF (8-9, 2-1) will travel to Louisville and Cincinnati this weekend, the first time the Bulls will travel to two different locations in one weekend this season.
The Bulls will strive to improve their conference record and prolong their winning streak starting Friday night against the conference-leading Cardinals.
USF coach Courtney Draper is expecting a tightly contested matchup between the Bulls and the Cardinals.
“Last year, we only got to play them one time and it was a very close match that went four sets,” Draper said. “It was point-for-point most of the way, so I think our kids are going to be excited to face them again.”
The Bulls rank third in the conference this year behind Louisville and UCF and a win against the Cardinals would help their odds of moving up from third place.
Next on the Bulls’ schedule is Cincinnati.
The Bearcats (0-17) have been winless this season, but it doesn’t mean the Bearcats should be taken lightly. Draper said she has “utmost respect” for their organization and they are taking teams to 4 and 5 sets.
“They’re very young and they’re going to be hungry for a win,” Draper said. “We have to take them very seriously.”
USF will have Saturday off as a buffer day for travel purposes. On Friday at 7 p.m., the Bulls will face off against the Cardinals and the Bearcats on Sunday at 1 p.m.